When we came to live in Detroit, we had a lot on our mind. What did it mean to be coming back to the city after our education? How could we make a living, but also respect the community we live in and the people near us? How can we not participate in the gentrification of the city, that designers are often on the forefront of?

Small Works is many things: A series of small workshops, a resource for small print runs, a social space, a meeting house. It's our way to using the skills we have to help our immediate community. So—if you have a small design/print related project, are a local business and need support, are interested in graphic & industrial design, or just have some flyers you need printed (garage sale, art show) reach out and we'll find a way to get them free or close to it. 

Check the website, and talk to us at smallworksdetroit@gmail.com and put "Small Works" in the header, and we'll speak with you soon :)